The Lost City of Demona

The Lost City of Demona

The Adventures of Gordy Googleberry

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Number of pages: 154

ISBN-10: 1980283737

ISBN-13: 9781980283737

The Lost City of Demona (The Adventures of Gordy Googleberry) by Deborah A. Bauer Introducing the first book in a brand new action series, The Adventures of Gordy Googleberry, for youth ages 8 to 14! A must read for those who love Indiana Jones, Agent Cody Banks, or The Hardy Boys. Meet globetrotter Gordy Googleberry … just an ordinary teenager that leads lives an extraordinary life. Where is Agent Taylor? After Agent Taylor left a cryptic message on Gordy’s phone one minute and then seemingly disappeared into thin air the next, the International Counterintelligence Alliance fears the worst. Without hesitation, they request help from the one person they know that they can count on to find Taylor and bring him home to safety… Special Agent Gordy Googleberry. As Gordy scrambles intelligence, all clues lead him directly to the Yucatan Peninsula and to the legend of a cursed city rumored to be hidden deep in the Lacandon Jungle. The closer that Gordy gets to the Lost City of Demona the more danger he encounters. Even worse, Gordy quickly realizes that Agent Taylor is in the clutches of their crazed archenemy, the Chameleon. When Gordy finally breaks through the edge of the jungle, he stumbles into the middle of a diabolical plot involving an ancient relic and into an evil darkness much bigger than himself. Can Gordy save Agent Taylor in time? Can he stop the Chameleon from unleashing catastrophic evil in the world? Will he be willing to face his greatest fears and even risk his life for a friend? Is there anything powerful enough to break the curse? In The Lost City of Demona light clashes with darkness all leading up to a showdown of Biblical proportions… And in the center of it all is just an ordinary teenager learning how to unleash the power inside him. Praise for The Lost City of Demona: “A suspenseful epic perfect for any young armchair adventurer. This author has mastered the meaning of the word cliffhanger, and makes no apologies that in the battle of good verses evil, good always wins in the end.” – Amazon customer “This story starts off slow and then takes off like a racehorse around chapter 3. My son loves it and can’t wait for more Gordy. A clean page turner with all the feels…” – Amazon customer Description of Series: The Adventures of Gordy Googleberry is a supernatural action adventure series with a Christian perspective that follows the life of Gordy Googleberry from the Yucatan Peninsula into the Wild West and up to the North Pole and all over the world. In the process, he discovers that life with God is a daily adventure.

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