Unleash Your Badass Business

Unleash Your Badass Business

the ultimate workbook for manifesting the money and life you crave

Publication Date:

Number of pages: 125

ISBN-10: 1980501491

ISBN-13: 9781980501497

Unleash Your Badass Business is an intensive Workbook for entrepreneurs who are ready to massively expand their online empires. This four part workbook is designed to teach you how to Manifest big money in your business. Learn how to work through the transformation process of becoming a true leader so you can attract massive clients. Learn how to get clear about your vision, align with your purpose and build a life you crave. Throughout this 175 page workbook, you are taken on a transformation journey to become the version of yourself you always wanted to be, gaining true clarity in your business like never before. The Unleash Your Badass Business is a roadmap for female entrepreneurs, professional women, side hustlers, and any­one who's truly hungry to level up and play big in their passion. (want a sneak preview instead the book? --> https://youtu.be/JjnOJXdYRHE You can find out more about Lauren Eliz Love on instagram @Badassbusinessbabe Facebook by searching Badass Business Babe, or online at badassbusinessbabe.com

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