Funny Jokes For Funny Kids

Funny Jokes For Funny Kids

Joke Book For Kids Aged 5-12

Publication Date:

Number of pages: 132

ISBN-10: 1981009191

ISBN-13: 9781981009190

Hilarious Joke Book For Kids Ages 5-12! What a great gift!
Over 370 really funny, hilarious jokes that will have the kids in fits of laughter in no time!
Funny kids love funny jokes and this brand new collection of super funny good clean jokes promises hours of fun for the whole family!
Just wait until you hear the giggles and laughter!Funny jokes like.........

What did the dad potato name his son?

Why didn't the bear wear shoes to school?
He liked to have bear feet!

What do you call a dog who has a fever?
A hot dog!

With over 60 hand drawn cartoons this children's joke book is much more interesting and fun than just plain text.

Kids of all ages love silly gags and puns and this huge collection of original and classic jokes makes a perfect gift for all children!

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