The Real Oil Mans Dedication Story (Oil mans Tales) (Volume 5)

The Real Oil Mans Dedication Story (Oil mans Tales) (Volume 5)

Publication Date:

Number of pages: 102

ISBN-10: 1981596763

ISBN-13: 9781981596768

The End of the well and all the work money and sometimes life The Dedication is oilman's tale five when you realize the MT drilled hole can Actually produce Steam so your sitting on a boiling Kettle that can supply 1million homes of power your infrastructure done beat wind and Solar for Strong Power Laughs and tales ive put in a few and when I started to smile at Stay safe all of you out there on the briny If you got organized and Founded the Investors Club send me a Price of beer every month there's over 3.5million workers in the oil & gas 3 dollars a month each some Power house investment Group 10 million per month just Bit coins you would have won the Lottery I am waiting and a good God Fearing Sheriff Stay alive

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