I Want to Be You...Zip's Story

I Want to Be You...Zip's Story

Publication Date:

Number of pages: 50

ISBN-10: 1981743715

ISBN-13: 9781981743711

Fitting in is very important when you’re young—whether you’re a kid or a colt. But what if you feel as if you’re different from all your friends?

I Want to Be You is the illustrated story of Zip, a young horse who doesn’t look like the others. A yellow palomino, Zip stands out among the black and chestnut horses at his ranch. Although his family and friends assure him that his buttery coat is beautiful, Zip still feels out of place.

Zip tries to change his color by rolling in mud and spilling paint on himself. Then he meets Cowboy Gus, who sees something special in the young horse. With Gus’s help, Zip discovers amazing talents that have nothing to do with his outward appearance.

With lovely illustrations and a powerful message about self-confidence, I Want to Be You is the perfect story for any child who feels different. As Zip learns as he grows older, it’s not what’s on the outside that defines you—it’s what’s on the inside. Even though there may be times when you wish you were someone else, the best thing you can be is yourself.

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