A Family Drama in Five Acts

Publication Date:

Number of pages: 91

ISBN-10: 1983311200

ISBN-13: 9781983311208

Tradition. Expectation. Fear. Failure. These are the themes illustrated in Jonathan Hernandez’ contemporary drama set in a Mexican American home on Christmas Day. The oldest son ANTHONY returns home after five years. Upon his return his mother, DIANA, has been going on and on about her problems since his departure. The youngest son HENRY arrives and the two sons are left in the living room to laugh and reminisce about the “good ol’ days”. Throughout the course of their interaction ANTHONY discovers that his brother HENRY will be leaving the family home to pursue his dreams as an artist in Chicago. Tension brews when the boys’ father, ALBERT, makes his presence known. At first their interaction is sincere and courteous but their patience weathers as they face criticism and blame throughout the course of the day. During the family dinner, the news is uncovered that Henry will be leaving in the morning while Anthony challenges Albert’s parental advice. Now the family must learn to come together or forever be divided once and for all in this play ‘Mijo’.

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