Komputer Forensik (Indonesian Edition)

Komputer Forensik (Indonesian Edition)

Publication Date:

Number of pages: 180

ISBN-10: 979272771X

ISBN-13: 9789792727715

Synopsis: Although the computer has become a fundamental need of people in doing their activities, apparently there are still more areas that have poor experience in handling computer, one of them is in the investigation field – computer forensics. It is expected that this book will help you bridge the existing needs related to investigation that involves information technology with methods and computer science. Besides opening the mind of general people and law enforcement and IT professionals specifically, this book will be interesting because it consists of a combination of new knowledge, methods, initiators, the understanding, and descriptive approach that will be useful for general people when utilizing and handling IT/ computer with better understanding. Main materials that are provided in this book: -what exactly is computer forensic, and its correlations with computer technology and other forensic knowledge –Various process, methods, paradigm, that underlying the forensic computer –Your way to see computer sources, includes scattered data in computer systems, and evidence of handling that involves other physical tools in general and various forensic toolkit software! (http://www.gramediainternational.com/book/detail/9789792727715)

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