IT Ergonomics (Indonesian Edition)

IT Ergonomics (Indonesian Edition)

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Number of pages: 188

ISBN-10: 9792778810

ISBN-13: 9789792778816

Sinopsis: The use of information technology device or computer has become an irrevocable need for the contemporary society in working and conducting activities. You can imagine if we are isolated from computer for just several days, the consequences: activities are hampered, work abandoned, and difficulty in communicating, even big companies will go bankrupt in months if information technology is abolished. It is just that, the use of information technology device/computer is not without problems, problems like mental and physical exhaustion, stress, pain, headache, impaired vision, etc. are often complained by computer users. These problems are not trivial, besides disrupting workers’ health, they can also harm companies’ activities. Those problems can actually be solved by ergonomic technology device! But what do ergonomic information technology devices look like and how to do it? This book will help you answer it. This book is aimed at managers, information technology departments, company staff and general computer users. This book discusses: Basic ergonomic and its development Various ergonomic information resources Practical solution for information technology usage Self-management in working with computer device Selecting device and various knowledge on ergonomic IT products Complete with Q&A on information technology usage to sharpen understanding. (

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