Bisnis atau Kriminal (Indonesian Edition)

Publication Date:

Number of pages: 194

ISBN-10: 9792792287

ISBN-13: 9789792792287

Synopsis: With the help of technology, pornography is alternated into cyber porn and it has created a new industry. It's produced in various forms and marketed through internet media to enable more people to gain access. The book does not seek to argue on whether or not pornography should be allowed. We all know that pornography is not a product for family consumption. It highlights how pornography has made an industry with serious impact for the audience and how should we deal with pornography and cyber porn. It provides a broad understanding around cyber porn, how we manage ourselves to deal with technology, improve quality life with technology without falling victim to it. The book discusses: ? The transformation of pornography into cyber porn industry ? Addiction and residue generated by cyber porn ? How to deal with cyber porn technically and mentally ? Anti cyber porn vs. pornography industry technology ? How to protect children from cyber porn ? Testimonial from former cyber porn addict ? How to build relationship and communication to anticipate cyber porn ? With Q n A on personal cyber porn management (

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