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The Making of AlienThe Making of Alien
J.W. Rinzler
A comprehensive and definitive volume telling the complete story of how Alien was made, featuring new interviews with Ridley Scott and other production crew, and including many rarely-seen photos and illustrations from the Fox archives.In 1979 a movie legend was born, as Twentieth Century-Fox and director Ridley Scott unleashed Alien - and gave aud ...
Number of pages: 336 | Publication Date: 2019-07-23 | ISBN-13: 9781789090550

William Gibson's Alien 3William Gibson's Alien 3
William Gibson
This is the official adaptation of the original screenplay for Alien 3, written by William Gibson, the award-winning science fiction author of the cyberpunk cult classic Neuromancer. You'll see familiar characters and places--but not all is the same in this horrifying Cold War thriller!After the deadly events of the film Aliens, the spaceship Sulac ...
Number of pages: 136 | Publication Date: 2019-08-06 | ISBN-13: 9781506708119

Alien VaultAlien Vault
by Ian Nathan, Veronica Cartwright
Alien Vault opens a portal into the making of the legendary film Alien, tracing its path from embryonic concept to fully fledged box office phenomenon. Previously published in 2011, the new edition includes an additional chapter tracing the path of Ridley Scott’s return to the Alien saga with Prometheus and Alien: Covenant. For 40 years, audience ...
Number of pages: 192 | Publication Date: 2019-11-19 | ISBN-13: 9780760366363

There's an Alien in Your BookThere's an Alien in Your Book
Tom Fletcher
_____A new interactive adventure from Tom Fletcher and Greg Abbott! This time, an adorable alien has crash-landed in YOUR book!You'll have to help Alien back up into space, because aliens don't belong on Earth . . . do they?This sequel to bestsellers There's a Monster in Your Book and There's a Dragon in Your Book is packed full of interactive fun, ...
Number of pages: 32 | Publication Date: 2019-05-16 | ISBN-13: 9780241357200

Keith R.A. DeCandido
The action-packed official adaptation of Alien: Isolation and a revealing look into the lives of Ellen Ripley and her daughter, Amanda Ripley.The product of a troubled and violent youth, Amanda Ripley is hellbent to discover what happened to her missing mother, Ellen Ripley. She accepts an assignment with a Weyland-Yutani team being sent to retriev ...
Number of pages: 340 | Publication Date: 2019-07-30 | ISBN-13: 9781789092141

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