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A Graphix BookA Graphix Book
Tui T. Sutherland
Not every dragonet wants a destiny ... Clay has grown up under the mountain, chosen along with four other dragonets to fulfill a mysterious prophecy and end the war between the dragon tribes of Pyrrhia. He's not so sure about the prophecy part, but Clay can't imagine not living with the other dragonets; they're his best friends. So when one of the ...
Number of pages: 224 | Publication Date: 2018-01-02 | ISBN-13: 9780545942157

Phaidon Editors
Five hundred of the most iconic graphic designs of all time, from the beginnings of mechanical reproduction to the presentThe process of visual communication and problem-solving through the use of typography, space, image, and colour informs the way we connect across languages and cultures. Derived from the acclaimed Phaidon Archive of Graphic Desi ...
Number of pages: 708 | Publication Date: 2017-03-13 | ISBN-13: 9780714873848

The Lost Heir (Wings of Fire Graphic Novel #2)The Lost Heir (Wings of Fire Graphic Novel #2)
Tui T. Sutherland
The New York Times bestselling Wings of Fire series soars to new heights in this graphic novel adaptation!The lost heir to the SeaWing throne is going home at last.She can't believe it's finally happening. Tsunami and her fellow dragonets of destiny are journeying under the water to the great SeaWing Kingdom. Stolen as an egg from the royal hatcher ...
Number of pages: 224 | Publication Date: 2019-02-26 | ISBN-13: 9780545942201

Architectural Graphic Standards (Ramsey/Sleeper Architectural Graphic Standards Series)Architectural Graphic Standards (Ramsey/Sleeper Architectural Graphic Standards Series)
American Institute of Architects
The 'Architect's Bible' since 1932, updated with the latest codes and standards Architectural Graphic Standards is the written authority for architects, designers, and building contractors. It provides comprehensive guidance on the visual representation of materials, products, systems, and assemblies. Updated to reflect the most current codes and s ...
Number of pages: 1088 | Publication Date: 2016-03-21 | ISBN-13: 9781118909508

Graphic Artists Guild HandbookGraphic Artists Guild Handbook
Artists Guild Graphic
From the Graphic Artists Guild comes the complete pricing and ethical reference for designers—helping members and non-members alike navigate the world of charging and collecting payment for their designs as well as building their freelance business.Graphic Artists Guild Handbook: Pricing & Ethical Guidelines, 15th Edition is an indispensable reso ...
Number of pages: 448 | Publication Date: 2018-04-03 | ISBN-13: 9781507206683

Meggs' History of Graphic DesignMeggs' History of Graphic Design
by Philip B. Meggs, Alston W. Purvis
The bestselling graphic design reference, updated for the digital age Meggs' History of Graphic Design is the industry's unparalleled, award-winning reference. With over 1,400 high-quality images throughout, this visually stunning text guides you through a saga of artistic innovators, breakthrough technologies, and groundbreaking developments that ...
Number of pages: 704 | Publication Date: 2016-05-02 | ISBN-13: 9781118772058

The Hidden Kingdom (Wings of Fire Graphic Novel #3)The Hidden Kingdom (Wings of Fire Graphic Novel #3)
Tui T. Sutherland
The #1 New York Times bestselling Wings of Fire series soars to new heights in the third graphic novel adaptation!Glory knows that the dragon world is wrong about her being "a lazy RainWing." Maybe she wasn't meant to be one of the dragonets of destiny, but Glory is sharp and her venom is deadly...even if that's still a secret.So when the dragonets ...
Number of pages: 224 | Publication Date: 2019-10-15 | ISBN-13: 9781338344059

Architectural GraphicsArchitectural Graphics
Francis D. K. Ching
The bestselling guide to architectural drawing, with new information, examples, and resources Architectural Graphics is the classic bestselling reference by one of the leading global authorities on architectural design drawing, Francis D.K. Ching. Now in its sixth edition, this essential guide offers a comprehensive introduction to using graphic to ...
Number of pages: 272 | Publication Date: 2015-04-06 | ISBN-13: 9781119035664

Grid systems in graphic designGrid systems in graphic design
Josef Müller-Brockmann
A grid system is a rigid framework that is supposed to help graphic designers in the meaningful, logical and consistent organization of information on a page. It is an established tool that is used by print and web designers to create well-structured, balanced designs. Rudimentary versions of grid systems existed since the medieval times, but a gro ...
Number of pages: 176 | Publication Date: 1996-10-01 | ISBN-13: 9783721201451

Anne Frank's DiaryAnne Frank's Diary
Anne Frank
A timeless story rediscovered by each new generation, The Diary of a Young Girl stands without peer. For both young readers and adults it continues to capture the remarkable spirit of Anne Frank, who for a time survived the worst horror the modern world has seen—and who remained triumphantly and heartbreakingly human throughout her ordeal.   Ada ...
Number of pages: 160 | Publication Date: 2018-10-02 | ISBN-13: 9781101871799

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