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No Hard FeelingsNo Hard Feelings
by Liz Fosslien, Mollie West Duffy
"A must-read that topples the idea that emotions don't belong in the workplace."--Susan Cain, author of Quiet A hilarious guide to effectively expressing your emotions at the office, finding fulfillment, and defining work-life balance on your own terms.How do you stop the office grouch from ruining your day? How do you enjoy a vacation without obse ...
Number of pages: 304 | Publication Date: 2019-02-05 | ISBN-13: 9780525533832

Life is Hard Then You DieLife is Hard Then You Die
S. A. Dickinson
A book of sad, little truths, for our soft, little youths. Dickinson presents us with a coming-of-age satire, resetting the bar for Millennials and future generations in an ever-growing world of misplaced and unrealized expectations. From bullying to blame, from disappointment to death, this water-colored work tackles many of life’s greatest trag ...
Number of pages: 33 | Publication Date: 2019-02-15 | ISBN-13: 9781733536707

I Can Do Hard ThingsI Can Do Hard Things
Gabi Garcia
What we tell ourselves matters! This is just as true for kids as it is for adults.Help your child tap into their inner strength and find the encouragement they need to navigate their daily environments.Mindful affirmations can help your child tune out the streams of messages they get about how they should be in the world.I can choose kindness.I can ...
Number of pages: 34 | Publication Date: 2018-09-11 | ISBN-13: 9780998958088

A Blueprint for the Hard Problem of ConsciousnessA Blueprint for the Hard Problem of Consciousness
Paulo Jacomo Negro
A Blueprint for the Hard Problem of Consciousness addresses the fundamental mechanism that allows physical events to transcend into subjective experiences, termed the Hard Problem of Consciousness. Consciousness is made available as the abstract product of self-referent realization of information by strange loops through the levels of processing of ...
Number of pages: 244 | Publication Date: 2019-02-13 | ISBN-13: 9781681087672

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