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Living JudaismLiving Judaism
Wayne D. Dosick
In Living Judaism, Rabbi Wayne Dosick, Ph.D., author the acclaimed Golden Rules, Dancing with God, and When Life Hurts, offers an engaging and definitive overview of Jewish philosophy and theology, rituals and customs. Combining quality scholarship and sacred spiritual instruction, Living Judaism is a thought-provoking reference and guide for those ...
Number of pages: 400 | Publication Date: 2010-02-23 | ISBN-13: 9780060621797

How to Raise a Jewish DogHow to Raise a Jewish Dog
Rabbis of Boca Raton Theological Seminary
Questions to Ask a Breeder: 1. What kind of job is this, growing dogs? 2. Are these dogs nice? I mean of course they are. But if not, is this refundable? 3. Is this a stable business? Do you make a decent living? 4. Does the insurance kill you or is it okay? 5. Dogs are animals ? does this mean you qualify for some kind of Federal ranch subsidies? ...
Number of pages: 176 | Publication Date: 2007-09-05 | ISBN-13: 9780316154666

Jewish Fairy TalesJewish Fairy Tales
Gerald Friedlander
Travel back to a land at the intersection of folklore and religion. The 23 authentic Jewish fairy tales in this book, brought together from the Talmud and other ancient sources, including the Jewish Chap Book, the Midrash Rabbah, Beth Hammidrash, Tanhuma, and Rabbi Eliezer, will surround you with angels, demons, goblins and an amazing assortment of ...
Number of pages: 96 | Publication Date: 2001-11-09 | ISBN-13: 9780486419824

The Big Jewish Book for JewsThe Big Jewish Book for Jews
by Ellis Weiner, Barbara Davilman
A hilarious compendium of traditional wisdom, recipes, and lore from the authors of the bestselling Yiddish with Dick and Jane. Modern Jews have forgotten cherished traditions and become, sadly, all- too assimilated. It's enough to make you meshugeneh. Today's Jews need to relearn the old ways so that cultural identity means something other than ...
Number of pages: 256 | Publication Date: 2010-07-27 | ISBN-13: 9780452296442

The Money CodeThe Money Code
H. W. Charles
Why Are So Many Jews Millionaires? Jews are estimated to make up less than 1% of the world's population, yet approximately 25% of the world's billionaires are Jewish. Jews are always found on lists of the world’s richest people. In 2009, 139 of the Forbes 400 were Jewish. Jews also comprise a very large number of history’s most important fig ...
Number of pages: 76 | Publication Date: 2012-12-24 | ISBN-13: 9780991690312

Jewish as a Second LanguageJewish as a Second Language
Molly Katz
Now bigger, better, and with more guilt: a completely revised, updated, and expanded second edition (would it hurt to have a little more?) of Jewish as a Second Language, the hilarious field guide to Jewish language and culture. Written to help her Gentile husband and others like him who fall for believing a Jewish mother-in-law when she says, "Don ...
Number of pages: 182 | Publication Date: 2010-04-29 | ISBN-13: 9780761158400

Choosing a Jewish Life, Revised and UpdatedChoosing a Jewish Life, Revised and Updated
Anita Diamant
The definitive guide to the conversion process, revised and updated for a new generation of Jews-by-choice However you choose to fashion your personal journey to Judaism, Anita Diamant is the perfect guide. In this comprehensive, wide-ranging book you will learn how to choose a rabbi, a synagogue, a denomination, and a Hebrew name; how to discuss y ...
Number of pages: 256 | Publication Date: 1998-02-24 | ISBN-13: 9780805210958

Modern Jewish CookingModern Jewish Cooking
Leah Koenig
From a leading voice of the new generation of young Jewish cooks who are reworking the food of their forebears, this take on the cuisine of the diaspora pays homage to tradition while reflecting the values of the modern-day food movement. Author Leah Koenig shares 175 recipes showcasing handmade, seasonal, vegetable-forward dishes. Classics of Jewi ...
Number of pages: 352 | Publication Date: 2015-03-17 | ISBN-13: 9781452127484

Jewish TheologyJewish Theology
Kaufmann Kohler
This book by prominent rabbi Kaufmann Kohler explains the beliefs, traditions and history of the Jewish faith. Detailed yet accessible explanations of the core tenets of the religion are offered by Kohler, whose decades spent in devotion and study of Judaism imbue the pages with an authentic and intimate knowledge of the faith from ancient times o ...
Number of pages: 216 | Publication Date: 2016-09-08 | ISBN-13: 9781537549248

The Jewish Study BibleThe Jewish Study Bible
First published in 2004, The Jewish Study Bible is a landmark, one-volume resource tailored especially for the needs of students of the Hebrew Bible. It has won acclaim from readers in all religious traditions.The Jewish Study Bible combines the entire Hebrew Bible--in the celebrated Jewish Publication Society TANAKH Translation--with explanatory ...
Number of pages: 2400 | Publication Date: 2014-10-17 | ISBN-13: 9780199978465

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