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The Medieval CookbookThe Medieval Cookbook
Maggie Black
This book takes the reader on a gastronomic journey through the Middle Ages, offering not only a collection of medieval recipes, but a social history of the time. The eighty recipes, drawn from the earliest English cookbooks of the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, are presented in two formats: the original middle English version and one adapted ...
Number of pages: 144 | Publication Date: 2012-05-08 | ISBN-13: 9781606061091

The Time Traveler's Guide to Medieval EnglandThe Time Traveler's Guide to Medieval England
Ian Mortimer
Now in paperback, a literary time machine that takes readers into the sights, smells, and tastes of the fourteenth century—a book that is revolutionary in its concept and startling in its portrayal of humanity.The past is a foreign country. This is your guidebook. A time machine has just transported you back into the fourteenth century. What do y ...
Number of pages: 352 | Publication Date: 2011-10-25 | ISBN-13: 9781439112908

The Grand Medieval Bestiary (Dragonet Edition)The Grand Medieval Bestiary (Dragonet Edition)
by Christian Heck, Rémy Cordonnier
Now in an affordable edition, a splendid pageant of the animal kingdom as the Middle Ages saw it   As the 587 colorful images in this magnificent volume reveal, animals were a constant―and delightful―presence in illuminated manuscripts throughout the Middle Ages. They were illustrated not only in bestiaries―the compendiums of animal fact and ...
Number of pages: 620 | Publication Date: 2018-09-11 | ISBN-13: 9780789213082

The Middle AgesThe Middle Ages
Jeffrey L. Singman
We consider the Middle Ages barbaric, yet the period furnished some of our most enduring icons, including King Arthur's Round Table, knights in shining armor, and the idealized noblewoman. In this vivid history of the time, the medieval world comes to life in all its rich daily experience. Find out what people's beds were like, how often they washe ...
Number of pages: 328 | Publication Date: 2013-11-05 | ISBN-13: 9781454909057

The History of the Medieval WorldThe History of the Medieval World
Susan Wise Bauer
A masterful narrative of the Middle Ages, when religion became a weapon for kings all over the world. From the schism between Rome and Constantinople to the rise of the T’ang Dynasty, from the birth of Muhammad to the crowning of Charlemagne, this erudite book tells the fascinating, often violent story of kings, generals, and the peoples they rul ...
Number of pages: 768 | Publication Date: 2010-02-22 | ISBN-13: 9780393059755

Middle RagesMiddle Rages
Milo Yiannopoulos
Medieval Studies is the critical study of Europe's self-identity. No understanding of Western civilization is possible without it. Inevitably, Left-wing academics want to introduce gender studies and race theory to the field--and punish those who refuse to conform. When one University of Chicago professor dared to publicly celebrate the Christian i ...
Number of pages: 104 | Publication Date: 2019-05-09 | ISBN-13: 9789527303559

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