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The Analects of ConfuciusThe Analects of Confucius
"To quietly persevere in storing up what is learned, to continue studying without respite, to instruct others without growing weary--is this not me?"--ConfuciusConfucius is recognized as China's first and greatest teacher, and his ideas have been the fertile soil in which the Chinese cultural tradition has flourished. Now, here is a translation of ...
Number of pages: 352 | Publication Date: 1999-09-07 | ISBN-13: 9780345434074

Laurence Houlgate
Understanding John Stuart Mill, like the previous two books in the philosophical classics series, is a guide for beginning philosophy and political science students. Previous guides have been to Plato's Socratic Dialogues and the Republic, and to John Locke's Second Treatise of Government. These are guides for smart students who are reading the cla ...
Number of pages: 139 | Publication Date: 2018-06-29 | ISBN-13: 9781983246029

Jim Al-Khalili
A fun and fascinating look at great scientific paradoxes.   Throughout history, scientists have come up with theories and ideas that just don't seem to make sense.  These we call paradoxes.  The paradoxes Al-Khalili offers are drawn chiefly from physics and astronomy and represent those that have stumped some of the finest minds.  For example ...
Number of pages: 256 | Publication Date: 2012-10-23 | ISBN-13: 9780307986795

The Tragedy of Julius Caesar (Focus Philosophical Library)The Tragedy of Julius Caesar (Focus Philosophical Library)
William Shakespeare
Jan Blits' edition represents something new among editions of Julius Caesar. In addition to textual glosses and explanatory notes focused on the rhetorical, historical, and political contexts of the speeches, it includes a wide array of quotations and citations from writers of classical antiquity chosen to illuminate passages of special pertinence ...
Number of pages: 200 | Publication Date: 2018-09-15 | ISBN-13: 9781585109012

The Greatest Marvel of NatureThe Greatest Marvel of Nature
Pierre-Marie Emonet
Designed for use in introductory courses to theology, this short volume is an accessible presentation of the fundamentals of classical philosophy and the light it sheds on our understanding of the human person. ...
Number of pages: 142 | Publication Date: 2000-02-01 | ISBN-13: 9780824517991

The Latest Answers to the Oldest QuestionsThe Latest Answers to the Oldest Questions
Nicholas Fearn
The work of the classic philosophers is well known. But what do contemporary thinkers say about what it is to be a human being? In his serious, challenging, and remarkably accessible new book, Nicholas Fearn turns to contemporary philosophers to ask the age old questions: Who am I? What do I know? What should I do? In his search for higher meaning, ...
Number of pages: 240 | Publication Date: 2007-12-21 | ISBN-13: 9780802143471

Lessons from Famous PhilosophersLessons from Famous Philosophers
Nicolas Peterson
Philosophy comes from the Greek words philo (love of) and sophia (wisdom). It was — and still is — an attempt to understand as much as one can about the world, a holistic approach toward knowledge. It was only during the industrial revolution that we began to put scientists, researchers, and mechanics on one side, and philosophers on the other. ...
Number of pages: 60 | Publication Date: 2015-07-20 | ISBN-13: 9781534866669

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