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Why the Bible Is So Hard to UnderstandWhy the Bible Is So Hard to Understand
Steve Langford
The Bible consists of sixty-six books that differ in narrator, context and life lesson imparted by God: no wonder it can be a daunting task for people to read and learn of the Bible's value. Author Steve Langford offers readers an insightful resource to assist in comprehending the Bible's various texts in his new book, Why the Bible is So Hard to U ...
Number of pages: 116 | Publication Date: 2015-12-21 | ISBN-13: 9781498458658

Hard Truths to Keep Singapore GoingHard Truths to Keep Singapore Going
Lee Kuan Yew
Why is Lee so hard on his political opponents? Could the PAP ever lose its grip on power? Are the younger leaders up to the mark? Will growing religiosity change Singapore for the better of worse? How will rising giants China and India affect Singapore's fortunes? Why is rich Singapore so parsimonious when spending on the poor and disadvantaged? Wh ...
Number of pages: 522 | Publication Date: 2011 | ISBN-13: 9789814266727

Answering the Hard QuestionsAnswering the Hard Questions
Robert R Hill
No question should be off limits if it is asked with the intent of seeking truth. But many Christians do not know how to answer some of the hard questions about the Bible and the Christian faith. Could you answer these questions? What would you do if you were asked one of these questions from an unsaved friend? What would you do if your children as ...
Number of pages: 138 | Publication Date: 2018-05-17 | ISBN-13: 9781641918510

When No One UnderstandsWhen No One Understands
Brad Sachs
When Amanda first came to Dr. Sachs for treatment, she had attempted suicide more than once. Withdrawn and cynical, she refused to speak during her therapy sessions. Determined to connect, Dr. Sachs tried something unconventional: he wrote letters to Amanda between sessions and invited her to write back, thinking she might feel more comfortable ope ...
Number of pages: 160 | Publication Date: 2007-01-30 | ISBN-13: 9781590304075

It's Hard Not to StareIt's Hard Not to Stare
Tim Huff
It's Hard Not to Stare is the second book unpacking StreetLevel's children's Compassion Series. Tim Huff addresses issues related to disabilities in this book, as he did homelessness in the first of the series, applying the same tender and truthful prose, along with bright and courageous child-friendly illustrations, which have been heightened by t ...
Number of pages: 40 | Publication Date: 2013-10-15 | ISBN-13: 9781927355282

How to Read (and Understand) the BibleHow to Read (and Understand) the Bible
Larry Richards
Have you ever felt intimidated by the Bible? Would you like to get to know it better, but worry you might find it difficult or daunting? How to Read (and Understand) the Bible is the book you need. It’s a fascinating, accessible approach to Scripture that will help you go deeper into the heart of what it’s all about: the timeless true story of ...
Number of pages: 288 | Publication Date: 2015-06-01 | ISBN-13: 9781414391823

Between a Church and a Hard PlaceBetween a Church and a Hard Place
Andrew Park
Read Andrew Park's post on the Penguin Blog.At age thirty-five, Andrew Park hit a parenting snag. Teaching his children about ethics, good manners, and how to shoot a free throw posed no problem. When they started asking about religion, he came up empty-handed. Raised in a faith- free family where teenage rebellion meant being born again as an evan ...
Number of pages: 224 | Publication Date: 2010-03-04 | ISBN-13: 9781583333716

NIV, RevolutionNIV, Revolution
Revolution is for every guy who wants to live a revolutionary life.The NIV Revolution Bible equips you to be a revolutionary―living your faith on the edge, challenging things that need to be challenged, discovering new possibilities, and helping others to discover them as well. Like no other Bible you have ever read, NIV Revolution is for today ...
Number of pages: 1600 | Publication Date: 2012-07-01 | ISBN-13: 9780310437819

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