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Lost Love (Cowboys and Angels) (Volume 1)Lost Love (Cowboys and Angels) (Volume 1)
Kelly Elliott
Moving back home to my parents’ cattle ranch in Texas was the last thing I thought I’d be doing.But, here I stand … in front of my high school girlfriend. A beautiful, confident woman has replaced the young girl I once knew and loved. Hell. I’m still in love with her.Yep. Paxton Monroe was my first love and the one girl in town who now hate ...
Number of pages: 340 | Publication Date: 2017-06-27 | ISBN-13: 9781943633333

Love Lost (The Kurtherian Gambit) (Volume 3)Love Lost (The Kurtherian Gambit) (Volume 3)
Michael Anderle
When one of Bethany Anne's loved one gets caught in the crossfire between her and the Forsaken, she goes rabid in rage. She doesn't believe in seeking peace and harmony, but rather revenge and mayhem. Continuing the story of Bethany Anne and TQB team, Love Lost picks up after Queen Bitch. She works to complete both her business and military team l ...
Number of pages: 258 | Publication Date: 2015-11-25 | ISBN-13: 9781545163900

When I Lost YouWhen I Lost You
Kelly Rimmer
Do you ever wish you had a second chance to meet someone again for the first time? When Leo and Molly met and married, they believed they were invincible. Together they could take on the world. But when Leo takes a step into the unknown, tragedy strikes and he loses his memory. Molly rushes to help him fill in the gaps and soon they start falli ...
Number of pages: 382 | Publication Date: 2016-04-19 | ISBN-13: 9781910751909

Love Lost, Love FoundLove Lost, Love Found
Tatiana Jerome
Turn Heartache into Empowerment When author Tatiana Jerome had a bad experience with a relationship breakup, she decided to explore her feelings through communicating with other women on social media. By facing her pain and challenges, even acknowledging what she did to contribute to the relationship’s failure, she began to heal and move beyond ...
Number of pages: 184 | Publication Date: 2017-03-15 | ISBN-13: 9781608684779

Love Is Not Lost (The Faith Series) (Volume 1)Love Is Not Lost (The Faith Series) (Volume 1)
Nikki Bolvair
"It's Daniels." All sixteen-year-old Faith Daniels, or Daniels for short, wanted was a chance. A chance to forget her dark past and forge her own future. But that's hard to do when your past is full of great darkness. Death always comes at a hefty price, more so, when you're unsure if you've carried out such a sentence. Given the chance to break ...
Number of pages: 226 | Publication Date: 2017-08-08 | ISBN-13: 9781548466169

Lost In Love (Road to Forever) (Volume 1)Lost In Love (Road to Forever) (Volume 1)
Louisa Cornell
EVERY RELATIONSHIP HAS ITS UPS AND DOWNS – When Adelaide Formsby-Smythe insults the Duke of Selridge to the point she sees her own murder in his eyes, her wish that the ground would open up and swallow her seems a perfectly reasonable response. Until it does. Thus, Major Marcus Winfield, now the Duke of Selridge, ends the worst year of his lif ...
Number of pages: 458 | Publication Date: 2017-06-13 | ISBN-13: 9781547088515

Lost Love FoundLost Love Found
Bertrice Small
Despite her breathtaking appearance at Queen Elizabeth's court, Valentina's innocence was shattered when she discovered that her true father may have been the lusty Sultan Murad of Istanbul. Needing to learn more, she set sail for the East in a dangerous erotic journey toward the truth...."Bertrice Small creates cover-to-cover passion, a keen sense ...
Number of pages: 512 | Publication Date: 1991-10-13 | ISBN-13: 9780345374196

Get LostGet Lost
Dannah Gresh
Have you ever ditched a friend for a guy? Filled your journal with more thoughts about guys than God? Found yourself jealous because that other girl gets all the dates? Maybe it’s time to get lost—in God. Discover how to get so lost in God that a guy has to seek Him to find you. Dannah Gresh traces God’s language of love through Scripture t ...
Number of pages: 224 | Publication Date: 2013-04-02 | ISBN-13: 9780307730633

Love LostLove Lost
Dr. David B. Hawkins
What happens when a wife says, "I don't love you anymore?" What happens when a husband says he is going to move out? What does the partner do? How does he or she survive the devastation? Clinical psychologist Dr. David Hawkins offers heartbroken readers his straightforward yet sensitive wisdom for rebuilding their lives. He addresses the realities ...
Number of pages: 272 | Publication Date: 2005-04-01 | ISBN-13: 9780800759261

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