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501 Quotes About Love501 Quotes About Love
M Prefontaine
For lovers everywhere, a book of the most beautiful romantic thoughts. This is a collection of quotes to help you understand your own feelings and give an insight into the thoughts of others and help to answer the question "What is love ?". It is a collection of quotations of the many aspects of love expressed in beautiful, concise and insightful w ...
Number of pages: 90 | Publication Date: 2015-11-27 | ISBN-13: 9781519509031

Gloria Marie Pelcher
It's a token of love. This love quote book is perfectly okay with being loved (of course!), bought, read, reread, shared, gifted, tweeted, instagrammed, liked, reviewed, borrowed, and of course quoted. This book is part of the #quotebooks collection of books. No matter the season this book is perfect for the person you absolutely love. ...
Number of pages: 58 | Publication Date: 2014-12-09 | ISBN-13: 9780692347720

I Love You Because...I Love You Because...
Better Than A Card Love Book
Give this amazing 'I Love You Because' book to a loved one to cherish forever. For less than the cost of a fancy card, you could personalize this journal for the one you love, filling out 20 reasons why you love them in your own words. This sentimental journal is a great way to express and articulate your true feelings to your significant other. Ma ...
Number of pages: 42 | Publication Date: 2018-01-18 | ISBN-13: 9781983978111

Living Love QuotesLiving Love Quotes
Todd Huston
Love is your greatest power and with it you can change your life and your world. Living Love is a book of quotes to help you live a life of love. There are so many situations that we face every day, the challenge is to find the most loving solution. These quotes guide and teach you how to use love so you can be your most powerful and best self. The ...
Number of pages: 136 | Publication Date: 2019-02-11 | ISBN-13: 9780998075440

Writers on… Love (A Book of Quotations, Poems and Literary Reflections)Writers on… Love (A Book of Quotations, Poems and Literary Reflections)
'Writers on... Love' contains a vast array of romantic quotes, love poems and love letters – from the world's greatest authors. It encompasses extracts, from clandestine correspondences to romance stories and famous love sayings, and contains some of history's most enduring meditations on the subject. Vacillating between all-consuming passions a ...
Number of pages: 144 | Publication Date: 2014-10-23 | ISBN-13: 9781473320819

Love QuotesLove Quotes
Inspirational Love Quotes give your heart a voice, and your relationship a compass!Why are love quotes so irresistible? Love drives us, inspires us, and fulfills us. Love is the antidote to all of our troubles. Only in love do we find completion, and with it our life needs no other meaning. Whether you’re in love and searching for the perfect wor ...
Number of pages: 107 | Publication Date: 2014-07-10 | ISBN-13: 9781500391669

I Love You Daughter Coloring BookI Love You Daughter Coloring Book
C. S. Adams
Say ”I Love You“ with this Adorable Coloring Book for Daughters of any age! Original Hand Drawn Illustrations with Lots of Cute Animals, Sweet Inspirational Puns, Confidence Building Messages that your Daughter will Love! Inside you will find Fun to Color Designs that include a Sloth, Unicorn, Llama, Dolphin, Pug, Dragon, Otter, Cat, Mermaid, ...
Number of pages: 66 | Publication Date: 2019-01-26 | ISBN-13: 9781643400365

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