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World War IIWorld War II
World War II: The Definitive Visual History is a comprehensive, authoritative, yet accessible guide to the people, politics, events, and lasting effects of World War II. Perhaps the most complex, frightening, and destructive event in global history, the Second World War saw the heights of human courage and the depth of human degradation. World War ...
Number of pages: 372 | Publication Date: 2015-05-05 | ISBN-13: 9781465436023

Thunder on BataanThunder on Bataan
Donald L. Caldwell
The American Provisional Tank Group had been in the Philippines only three weeks when the Japanese attacked the islands hours after the raid on Pearl Harbor. One of the tankmen parked his half-track on a runway and shot down a Japanese Zero that day, but the group’s first tank-on-tank action – indeed the first American armor battle of World War ...
Number of pages: 320 | Publication Date: 2019-04-01 | ISBN-13: 9780811737715

Player's Handbook (Dungeons & Dragons)Player's Handbook (Dungeons & Dragons)
Wizards RPG Team
Create heroic characters for the world’s greatest roleplaying game.   The Player’s Handbook is the essential reference for every Dungeons & Dragons roleplayer. It contains rules for character creation and advancement, backgrounds and skills, exploration and combat, equipment, spells, and much more. Use this book to create characters from among ...
Number of pages: 320 | Publication Date: 2014-08-19 | ISBN-13: 9780786965601

Panther on the Battlefield, Volume 1 (World War Two Photobook Series) (English and Hungarian Edition)Panther on the Battlefield, Volume 1 (World War Two Photobook Series) (English and Hungarian Edition)
Peter Barnaky
This publication from PeKo Publishing gives an overview of three subversions of the Panther medium tank with the help of 103 original, large and high quality photographs, many of which were unpublished so far. ...
Number of pages: 112 | Publication Date: 2014-07-19 | ISBN-13: 9789638962355

Laura Hillenbrand

Number of pages: 528 | Publication Date: 2014-07-29 | ISBN-13: 9780812974492

Dungeons & Dragons Dungeon Master's Guide (Core Rulebook, D&D Roleplaying Game)Dungeons & Dragons Dungeon Master's Guide (Core Rulebook, D&D Roleplaying Game)
Wizards RPG Team
Weave legendary stories in the world’s greatest roleplaying game.   All you need to run a Dungeons & Dragons game is your imagination, some dice, and this book. The Dungeon Master’s Guide teaches you how to how to run D&D adventures for your players— how to invent monsters for them to fight, mysteries for them to solve, and fantasy worlds f ...
Number of pages: 320 | Publication Date: 2014-12-09 | ISBN-13: 9780786965625

The Storm on Our ShoresThe Storm on Our Shores
Mark Obmascik
NATIONAL BESTSELLER “Mark Obmascik has deftly rescued an important story from the margins of our history—and from our country’s most forbidding frontier. Deeply researched and feelingly told, The Storm on Our Shores is a heartbreaking tale of tragedy and redemption.” —Hampton Sides, bestselling author of Ghost Soldiers, In the Kingdom of ...
Number of pages: 256 | Publication Date: 2019-04-09 | ISBN-13: 9781451678376

Beyond The CallBeyond The Call
by Lee Trimble, Jeremy Dronfield
This is the inspiring true story of Captain Robert Trimble, who laid his life on the line to rescue hundreds of World War II POWs, including women and children, on the Eastern Front. Near the end of World War II, thousands of Allied ex-prisoners of war were abandoned to wander the war-torn Eastern Front. With no food, shelter, or supplies, the POW ...
Number of pages: 352 | Publication Date: 2016-02-02 | ISBN-13: 9780425276051

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