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Political FictionsPolitical Fictions
Joan Didion

Number of pages: 338 | Publication Date: 2002-08-27 | ISBN-13: 9780375718908

Purple ReasonPurple Reason
Doug Mennen
An Independent has been elected President of the United States and the two traditional Parties are not at all happy about the changes being proposed. President Jackson Niles knows that the fight to bring real change to Washington could get ugly, but what comes out along the way is far worse than he ever imagined. The conspiracy surrounding the fe ...
Number of pages: 368 | Publication Date: 2016-10-15 | ISBN-13: 9780578185590

1984 (Signet Classics)1984 (Signet Classics)
George Orwell

Number of pages: 328 | Publication Date: 1961-01-01 | ISBN-13: 9780451524935

In Sheep's ClothingIn Sheep's Clothing
L.D. Beyer
If you're a fan of Designated Survivor, you'll love this riveting, action-packed political thriller.One man holds the reins of power. One man vows to protect him. One man vows to destroy him...Caught in a game of chess he didn't know he was playing until it was too late, the President makes the only move he can, plunging Washington and the nation ...
Number of pages: 448 | Publication Date: 2015-08-02 | ISBN-13: 9780996385701

Enemy of the State (A Mitch Rapp Novel)Enemy of the State (A Mitch Rapp Novel)
by Vince Flynn, Kyle Mills
In the #1 New York Times bestselling series’ latest thriller, Mitch Rapp finds himself alone and targeted by a country that is supposed to be one of America’s closest allies.After 9/11, the United States made one of the most secretive and dangerous deals in its history. The evidence against the powerful Saudis who coordinated the attack would b ...
Number of pages: 400 | Publication Date: 2017-09-05 | ISBN-13: 9781476783512

The Jungle (Dover Thrift Editions)The Jungle (Dover Thrift Editions)
Upton Sinclair
An ardent activist, champion of political reform, novelist, and progressive journalist, Upton Sinclair is perhaps best known today for The Jungle — his devastating exposé of the meat-packing industry. A protest novel he privately published in 1906, the book was a shocking revelation of intolerable labor practices and unsanitary working condition ...
Number of pages: 304 | Publication Date: 2001-11-09 | ISBN-13: 9780486419237

Desire and Domestic FictionDesire and Domestic Fiction
Nancy Armstrong
Desire and Domestic Fiction argues that far from being removed from historical events, novels by writers from Richardson to Woolf were themselves agents of the rise of the middle class. Drawing on texts that range from 18th-century female conduct books and contract theory to modern psychoanalytic case histories and theories of reading, Armstrong s ...
Number of pages: 320 | Publication Date: 1990-02-22 | ISBN-13: 9780195061604

The Corporate CommonwealthThe Corporate Commonwealth
Henry S. Turner
The Corporate Commonwealth traces the evolution of corporations during the English Renaissance and explores the many types of corporations that once flourished. Along the way, the book offers important insights into our own definitions of fiction, politics, and value.     Henry S. Turner uses the resources of economic and political history, lit ...
Number of pages: 344 | Publication Date: 2016-06-17 | ISBN-13: 9780226363356

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