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The Daily Show (The Book)The Daily Show (The Book)
Chris Smith
The complete, uncensored history of the award-winning The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, as told by its correspondents, writers, and host. For almost seventeen years, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart brilliantly redefined the borders between television comedy, political satire, and opinionated news coverage. It launched the careers of some of today's ...
Number of pages: 480 | Publication Date: 2016-11-22 | ISBN-13: 9781455565382

America AgainAmerica Again
Stephen Colbert

Number of pages: 240 | Publication Date: 2012-10-02 | ISBN-13: 9780446583978

G. B. Trudeau
“Doonesbury is one of the most overrated strips out there. Mediocre at best.” --Donald Trump, 1989He tried to warn us. Ever since the release of the first Trump-for-President trial balloon in 1987, Doonesbury’s Garry Trudeau has tirelessly tracked and highlighted the unsavory career of the most unqualified candidate to ever aspire to the Whit ...
Number of pages: 112 | Publication Date: 2016-07-05 | ISBN-13: 9781449481339

Satire and DissentSatire and Dissent
Amber Day
In an age when Jon Stewart frequently tops lists of most-trusted newscasters, the films of Michael Moore become a dominant topic of political campaign analysis, and activists adopt ironic, fake personas to attract attention―the satiric register has attained renewed and urgent prominence in political discourse. Amber Day focuses on the parodist ne ...
Number of pages: 240 | Publication Date: 2011-02-16 | ISBN-13: 9780253222817

Quotations from Chairman TrumpQuotations from Chairman Trump
As seen on Hardball with Chris Matthews on MSNBC President Donald J. Trump possesses a great sense of history and himself. A model statesman, he tweets every thought, and more. With one exception, he doesn’t suffer fools lightly. Generations of schoolchildren will memorize these rubies of wisdom from President Trump. This little red book captu ...
Number of pages: 192 | Publication Date: 2016-01-26 | ISBN-13: 9780795348211

Crazy Sh*t Presidents SaidCrazy Sh*t Presidents Said
Robert Schnakenberg
With the country more polarized than ever, the 2012 presidential election is expected to be one of the most heated in our country's history. Among all the polished speeches and great sound bites, sometimes in that torrent of official and unofficial remarks, some real head-scratchers slip out. Crazy Sh*t Presidents Said consists of 1,000 crazy, surp ...
Number of pages: 256 | Publication Date: 2012-05-01 | ISBN-13: 9780762444533

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Presents America (The Book) Teacher's EditionThe Daily Show with Jon Stewart Presents America (The Book) Teacher's Edition
by Jon Stewart, The Writers of The Daily Show

Number of pages: 240 | Publication Date: 2006-09-25 | ISBN-13: 9780446691864

Steven Evans
Girls are only supposed to have fun — right? Among the young scholars on the first day of seventh grade, Lakshmi Pardeshi — better known as Lash — befriends a fascinating girl named Wednesday, who claims she can control people with her mind. Impressed by Wednesday’s bold demeanor and sharp wit, Lash enlists Wednesday to help with an unpopu ...
Number of pages: 206 | Publication Date: 2017-01-17 | ISBN-13: 9781542327459

The Liberal Redneck ManifestoThe Liberal Redneck Manifesto
by Trae Crowder, Corey Ryan Forrester, Drew Morgan
The Liberal Rednecks—a three-man stand-up comedy group doing scathing political satire—celebrate all that’s good about the South while leading the Redneck Revolution and standing proudly blue in a sea of red.Smart, hilarious, and incisive, the Liberal Rednecks confront outdated traditions and intolerant attitudes, tackling everything people t ...
Number of pages: 352 | Publication Date: 2016-10-04 | ISBN-13: 9781501160387

A Child's First Book of TrumpA Child's First Book of Trump
Michael Ian Black
A New York Times bestseller! What do you do when you spot a wild Trump in the election season? New York Times bestselling author and comedian Michael Ian Black has some sage advice for children (and all the rest of us who are scratching our heads in disbelief) in this perfectly timely parody picture book intended for adults that would be hysterical ...
Number of pages: 32 | Publication Date: 2016-07-05 | ISBN-13: 9781481488006

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