Armageddon's Children (The Genesis of Shannara, Book 1)Armageddon's Children (The Genesis of Shannara, Book 1)
Terry Brooks
NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • “In this exciting first of a new fantasy trilogy, bestseller Brooks effortlessly connects the Tolkien-infused magic of his Shannara books .  .  . with the urban, postapocalyptic world of his Word and the Void series. . . . Longtime Brooks fans and newcomers will be riveted.”—Publishers Weekly (starred review)I ...
Number of pages: 416 | Publication Date: 2007-07-31 | ISBN-13: 9780345484109

The Gypsy Morph (Genesis of Shannara, Book 3)The Gypsy Morph (Genesis of Shannara, Book 3)
Terry Brooks
Terry Brooks won instant acclaim with his phenomenal New York Times bestseller The Sword of Shannara. Its sequels earned Brooks legendary status. Then his darkly enthralling The Word and the Void trilogy revealed new depths and vistas to his mastery of epic fantasy. Armageddon’s Children and The Elves of Cintra took Brooks’s remarkable mythos t ...
Number of pages: 480 | Publication Date: 2009-07-28 | ISBN-13: 9780345484154

The Elves of Cintra (Genesis of Shannara)The Elves of Cintra (Genesis of Shannara)
Terry Brooks
With his groundbreaking New York Times bestseller The Sword of Shannara and its acclaimed sequels, Terry Brooks brought a new audience to epic fantasy. Then he gave the genre a darkly compelling contemporary twist in his trilogy of the Word and the Void. Last year, in Armageddon’s Children, Brooks undertook the stunning chronicle that united two ...
Number of pages: 464 | Publication Date: 2008-07-29 | ISBN-13: 9780345484130

Bloodfire QuestBloodfire Quest
Terry Brooks
NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLERThe adventure that started in Wards of Faerie takes a thrilling new turn, in the second novel of Terry Brooks’s brand-new trilogy—The Dark Legacy of Shannara!The quest for the long-lost Elfstones has drawn the leader of the Druid order and her followers into the hellish dimension known as the Forbidding, where the most ...
Number of pages: 368 | Publication Date: 2013-03-12 | ISBN-13: 9780345523501

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