Super Star SpeechSuper Star Speech
Deborah M. Lott
Super Star Speech will teach you how to help your child correct his or her articulation (speech sound) errors. This newly expanded edition includes the content from ALL of the individual Super Star Speech books combined into one integrated 315 page book: Super Star Speech: Speech Therapy Made Simple, Super Star R and L Super Star S, Z, and Sh Super ...
Number of pages: 316 | Publication Date: 2015-09-16 | ISBN-13: 9780979804182

The Mouth With a Mind of Its OwnThe Mouth With a Mind of Its Own
Patricia L. Mervine
Matthew has a problem. His mouth has a mind of its own. His brain thinks one thing, but his mouth says another. He can't participate in class discussions. He can't ask the other kids to play with him at recess. He can't even say his own name! Luckily, he is referred to the school speech therapist, who helps him tame his wild mouth.   This story w ...
Number of pages: 32 | Publication Date: 2014-05-01 | ISBN-13: 9780692202319

Ask & Answer Wh Fun SheetsAsk & Answer Wh Fun Sheets
Sharon G. Webber
Are you looking for fun reproducible homework sheets that teach "WH" questions? These "WH" Fun Sheets reinforce the Super Duper Ask and Answer Fun Deck cards or can be used alone. Each page has fun activities that will help your child learn to ask and answer "who, what, where, when, and why" questions. Activities include: matching questions to answ ...
Number of pages: 224 | Publication Date: 2000-01-01 | ISBN-13: 9781586501556

Designing Voice User InterfacesDesigning Voice User Interfaces
Cathy Pearl
Voice user interfaces (VUIs) are becoming all the rage today. But how do you build one that people can actually converse with? Whether you’re designing a mobile app, a toy, or a device such as a home assistant, this practical book guides you through basic VUI design principles, helps you choose the right speech recognition engine, and shows you h ...
Number of pages: 278 | Publication Date: 2016-12-29 | ISBN-13: 9781491955413

Phrase FLiPS for Learning Intelligible Production of SpeechPhrase FLiPS for Learning Intelligible Production of Speech
M.A., CCC-SLP Julie A. Daymut
Help your children progress from single-syllable words to five-syllable phrases in three simple steps with Phrase FLiPS! This flip book will improve your child's intelligibility of speech as he/she progresses through 16 sounds in the initial position of words. * Easy - Single-syllable word (pup) * Moderate - 2 - 3 syllable phrase (purse pup) * Ad ...
Number of pages: --- | Publication Date: 2009 | ISBN-13: 9781586509644

Articulation Phrases & Sentences Quick Take Along Mini-BookArticulation Phrases & Sentences Quick Take Along Mini-Book
by M.S., CCC-SLP Natalie E. Snyders, M.S., CCC-SLP Rynette R. Kjesbo, MAPC Liz Wright, Erin Riojas
Articulation Phrases & Sentences Quick Take Along Mini-Book is a pocket-sized resource for challenging your students to produce their target sounds at more complex levels. These sound-loaded phrases and sentences are great for practicing sounds in connected speech. 680 Phrases and 340 Sentences 2-3 Sounds Per Phrase 3-9 Sounds Per Sentence 24 Sound ...
Number of pages: 69 | Publication Date: 2011 | ISBN-13: 9781607230250

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