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Prelude to World War ThreePrelude to World War Three
by James Rosone, Miranda Watson
By the 2020s, America was no longer a world Superpower. The military had been cut to a barebones level, and while the U.S. was focused internally, the door opened for new powers to emerge on the world stage. In the wake of this power vacuum, China and Russia began to flex their military muscles and expand their dominance in the world. The border o ...
Number of pages: 456 | Publication Date: 2016-02-04 | ISBN-13: 9781523764488

Operation Red Dawn and the Siege of Europe (World War III) (Volume 3)Operation Red Dawn and the Siege of Europe (World War III) (Volume 3)
by James Rosone, Miranda Watson
For the first time since Pearl Harbor, war has arrived on the shores of the United States. As Chinese and Russians attack the frontier of Alaska, American forces are stretched thin. With battles raging in Europe, the Islamic Republic and on their own doorstep, what will President Stein decide to do? Is there any way to salvage their war-torn nation ...
Number of pages: 362 | Publication Date: 2016-10-17 | ISBN-13: 9781539597711

World War 3 IllustratedWorld War 3 Illustrated
Founded in 1979 by Seth Tobocman and Peter Kuper, World War 3 Illustrated is a collective of first-time and professional artists who use confrontational comics to shine a little reality on the fantasy world of the American kleptocracy. This full-color retrospective exhibition is arranged thematically, and includes topic of housing rights, feminism, ...
Number of pages: 320 | Publication Date: 2014-07-01 | ISBN-13: 9781604869583

World War ThreeWorld War Three
Cliff Roberts
WARNING: THIS BOOK IS NOT POLITICALLY CORRECT. DO NOT BUY IT IF YOU ARE OFFENDED BY PATRIOTISM! In order to have a winner, someone has to lose. As America, under the leadership of Donald Trump, seeks to rewrite the poor trade agreements his predecessors entered into, the other participants in the agreements may take offense at the proposed chang ...
Number of pages: 76 | Publication Date: 2017-02-01 | ISBN-13: 9781520508962

The Last World WarThe Last World War
by Timothy Imholt, Michael Travis Garst
When Iran finally develops nuclear weapons it triggers the Last World War, and it will forever change the surface of the Earth. A President impeached. A Vice-President murdered. A relatively unknown Speaker of the Houseā€¦A mere Congressman elevated to the most powerful office in the Nation, if not the world. With all of the political chaos in ...
Number of pages: 346 | Publication Date: 2014-11-09 | ISBN-13: 9781503169425

World War IIIWorld War III
James Strait
It had been over seven decades since the world had been officially at war. But 2017 was that modern moment where the forces of good, would again need to ally themselves to combat the forces of evil. And so it was, the United States and her Allies would do battle with the nation of North Korea. But this time, there was a twist. While the battlefield ...
Number of pages: 392 | Publication Date: 2014-02-24 | ISBN-13: 9781493174973

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