The PresidentsThe Presidents
by Brian Lamb, Susan Swain
The complete rankings of our best -- and worst -- presidents, based on C-SPAN's much-cited Historians Surveys of Presidential Leadership. Over a period of decades, C-SPAN has surveyed leading historians on the best and worst of America's presidents across a variety of categories -- their ability to persuade the public, their leadership skills, the ...
Number of pages: 560 | Publication Date: 2019-04-23 | ISBN-13: 9781541774339

Sundays at EightSundays at Eight
by Brian Lamb, C-SPAN
For the last 25 years, Sunday nights at 8pm on C-SPAN has been appointment television for many Americans. During that time, host Brian Lamb has invited people to his Capitol Hill studio for hour-long conversations about contemporary society and history. In today's soundbite culture that hour remains one of television's last vestiges of in-depth, ci ...
Number of pages: 496 | Publication Date: 2014-04-29 | ISBN-13: 9781610393485

American history is replete with great and dramatic events, and in recent years a generation of great writers have brought these events to life. They have shared these stories with the viewers of the groundbreaking C-SPAN program, Booknotes, and here the best have been collected for readers to savor. Renowned writers and historians examine more tha ...
Number of pages: 560 | Publication Date: 2001-11-07 | ISBN-13: 9781586480837

Booknotes Booknotes
Brian Lamb

Number of pages: 471 | Publication Date: 1999-03-09 | ISBN-13: 9780812930818

The Supreme CourtThe Supreme Court
The Supreme Court grew out of a unique opportunity to interview all nine sitting Supreme Court Justices plus retired Justice O'Connor for a documentary on the Supreme Court. Through Brian Lamb and Susan Swain's interviews with our country's most influential judges, the book offers portraits of the Justices that introduces readers to the closed worl ...
Number of pages: 416 | Publication Date: 2010-05-04 | ISBN-13: 9781586488352

Booknotes on American CharacterBooknotes on American Character
Brian Lamb
Contemporary writers and historians examine America's national character, looking at events throughout history, including the 1876 presidential election, the civil rights movement, and the Vietnam War. ...
Number of pages: 608 | Publication Date: 2004-03-16 | ISBN-13: 9781586482329

The All Conquering LambThe All Conquering Lamb
Brian A Russell
The Bible s closing book, Revelation, is often neglected: apart from the imagery used in the book itself, there are the competing interpretations among sincere believers and then misuse by the cults. Brian Russell steers a safe course through these danger points. This is a book for the believer who loves the Word of God here you will find clear int ...
Number of pages: 392 | Publication Date: 2019-11-01 | ISBN-13: 9781783972685

Brian Lamb

Number of pages: 423 | Publication Date: 1997-06-17 | ISBN-13: 9780812928471

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