Lincoln, the Cabinet, and the GeneralsLincoln, the Cabinet, and the Generals
Chester G. Hearn
While numerous accounts exist of President Abraham Lincoln's often-troubled dealings with either his cabinet or his generals, Chester G. Hearn's illuminating history provides the first broad synthesis of Lincoln's complex relationship with both groups. As such, it casts new light on much of the behind-the-scenes interplay, intrigue, and sparring be ...
Number of pages: 376 | Publication Date: 2010-04-01 | ISBN-13: 9780807136379

The Civil War, State by StateThe Civil War, State by State
Chester G Hearn
Most books and articles about the Civil War cover the subject chronologically and examine the war as one continuous event, but Civil War State by State looks at the war from the perspective of the forty-five states and territories that existed during the period. It looks at the politics of each; the battles fought; the regiments raised; the famous ...
Number of pages: 448 | Publication Date: 2013-07-15 | ISBN-13: 9781908247049

by Chester G. Hearn, Robert F. Dorr
Get the complete story on the largest, oldest, and longest-serving branch of the US military. From the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary to the "Coalition of the Willing" in today's Iraq War, the United States Army has fulfilled its solemn charge for the past 235 years: to provide for the common defense, at home and abroad. To a si ...
Number of pages: 224 | Publication Date: 2015-03-26 | ISBN-13: 9780760347232

Circuits in the SeaCircuits in the Sea
Chester G. Hearn
This book tells the story of the scientific talent and technological prowess of two nations that joined forces to connect themselves with a communications cable that would change the world. In 1855 an American visionary named Cyrus West Field, who knew nothing about telegraphy, sought to establish a monopoly on telegraphic revenues between North Am ...
Number of pages: 296 | Publication Date: 2004-08-30 | ISBN-13: 9780275982317

Sorties into HellSorties into Hell
Chester G. Hearn
In October 1946, Colonel Presley Rixey arrived by destroyer at Chichi Jima to repatriate 22,000 Japanese who had been bypassed during the war in the Pacific. While waiting for a Marine battalion to arrive, the colonel met daily with a Japanese commission assigned to assist him. When asked what had happened to American prisoners on the island, the J ...
Number of pages: 248 | Publication Date: 2003-08-30 | ISBN-13: 9780275980818

The Capture of New Orleans 1862The Capture of New Orleans 1862
Chester G. Hearn

Number of pages: 312 | Publication Date: 2005-04-01 | ISBN-13: 9780807130704

When the Devil Came Down to DixieWhen the Devil Came Down to Dixie
Chester G. Hearn
Much controversy exists concerning Major General Benjamin F. Butler's administration in New Orleans during the second year of the Civil War. Some historians have extolled the general as a great humanitarian, while others have vilified him as a brazen opportunist, agreeing with the wealthy of occupied New Orleans who labeled him "Beast" Butler. In t ...
Number of pages: 272 | Publication Date: 2000-10-01 | ISBN-13: 9780807126233

Tracks in the SeaTracks in the Sea
Chester G. Hearn
A great story of discovery and adventure in the tradition of Longitude Maritime navigation remained largely a matter of guesswork until well into the 19th century, and making a voyage meant following a series of all-too-often disastrous hunches. Changing that became the lifelong obsession of the brilliant, irascible geographer Matthew Fontaine Maur ...
Number of pages: 288 | Publication Date: 2002-06-28 | ISBN-13: 9780071368261

Air ForceAir Force
Chester G. Hearn
From its beginnings in 1907 as the Aeronautical Division of U.S. Armys Signal Corps, which consisted of one officer and two enlisted men, the United States Air Force has grown to become the foremost aerial armed force in the world. Although they had to fly French and British planes as the fledgling army aeronautical bureaucracy failed to procure an ...
Number of pages: 192 | Publication Date: 2008-07-15 | ISBN-13: 9780760333082

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