Jaded Faith

Jaded Faith

A Novel

Publication Date:

Number of pages: 228

ISBN-10: 0595440029

ISBN-13: 9780595440023

Michael Michener was born with the ability to see, feel, and sense things that others could not. Passed down to one child of each new generation, his ancient lineage had chosen him to carry on this special gift. But, it came with a price. The powers of evil were always on the look out to destroy him and others of his kind.Not understanding the source of his abilities, Michael finds comfort with his new found friend and actress, Madeline Van Skylar. With her wit, aging beauty, and love of very dry martinis, she too possesses the same powers. Together with Michael's loving partner Luke, they embark in an unimaginable journey to save humankind.As angels and demons ravage the earth battling for the souls of man, the world is on the brink of destruction. With unparalleled twists and turns, Michael finds the one answer to save humanity. It is an answer that may cost him his life and soul.With lightening fast pace, Jaded Faith, will whisk you away through parallel universes of good and evil to find out if Michael, his partner and friends can muster up the power, strength, and determination to save humanity.

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