The Cold War at Sea

The Cold War at Sea

An Illustrated History

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Number of pages: 160

ISBN-10: 0760307326

ISBN-13: 9780760307328

There were millions of cubic miles of ocean, but it still wasn't enough room. Vessels of the U.S. and Soviet navies squared off constantly throughout the Cold War-thousands of men and billions of dollars of hardware playing a high-stakes game of cat-and-mouse. Armed with massive firepower and nuclear weapons, the ships had the frightening potential to find themselves engaged in a massive naval battle. This was the Cold War at sea. Beginning immediately after World War II, this illustrated history examines how the combatants poured seemingly limitless resources into naval development throughout the most intense moments of superpower one-upmanship. Coverage includes the key combatants: aircraft carriers, battleships, cruisers, destroyers, submarines, naval aircraft, and amphibious forces. The hardware of both sides are compared to one another in terms of weapons, performance, and dimensions, while key incidents are recounted in compelling detail. The author also explains evolving naval strategies and graphically details the development of modern warships. The result takes readers to sea with the mightiest navies as they stand toe to toe amidst the most awesome collection of naval power ever amassed.

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