The History Mystery Kids 1

The History Mystery Kids 1

Fiasco in Florida (Volume 1)

Publication Date:

Number of pages: 146

ISBN-10: 1544714513

ISBN-13: 9781544714516

Magic Tree House Meets Dr. Who
Professor Abner Jefferson is missing.

His children watched him get sucked into a book.

Now they must find him.

By going back... through History!

Read the 1st of the 10 History Mystery Kids books and experience the series parents are calling:

-Like Magic Tree House but with more laughs, more danger, and more History

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The History Mystery Kids

-Book 1: Fiasco in Florida

-Book 2: Magic in Michigan

-Book 3: Midnight in Massachusetts

-Book 4: Camping in Colorado Coming May 2018

-Book 5: Sabotage in South Carolina Coming November 2018

-Book 6: Cows in California Coming Spring 2019

-Book 7: Puzzle in Pennsylvania Coming Summer 2019

-Book 8: Ice Storm in Illinois Coming Fall 2019

-Book 9: Nightmare in New Jersey Coming Spring 2020

-Book 10: Traitors in Tennessee Coming Fall 2020

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