Swedish Death Cleaning for Beginners

Swedish Death Cleaning for Beginners

How to Declutter and Downsize your way to a Happy Home and Life

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Number of pages: 76

ISBN-10: 1729290361

ISBN-13: 9781729290361

Discover how to get rid of clutter and downsize your way to a happier life

Using the simple yet effective process of Death Cleaning, you can free your family from the tedious process of decluttering

Do you know that clutter accumulation has a huge negative impact on your health, relationships and productivity? Not only does it bring a huge emotional burden, it could also pose a daunting task when left behind after death.

A lot of people are totally unprepared for death and do not have their affairs in order. This lack of preparation can be a huge source of discomfort and distress to our loved ones when we pass on. The Concept of Swedish Death Cleaning requires that you declutter your life, home and personal space so that nobody else is subjected to it. This is a very noble thing to do as it offers you an opportunity to reminisce on a life well lived, while getting closer with your loved ones.

In fact, the concept of death cleaning is not restricted to aging people alone as anyone can benefit from living the essentialist lifestyle.

In this book, you will discover how to start off the process of death cleaning in order to clear out all non-essential items and live a happier and balanced life.

You will learn;•A complete introduction to death cleaning and its origin
•The six-month clutter rule
•How to decide if death cleaning is right for you
•When and how to start
•A step by step guide to the decluttering process
•Understanding and moving through the emotional toll of death cleaning
•The benefits of death cleaning and so much more!
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