We Shall Overcomb

We Shall Overcomb

How to Survive the Presidency of the Angry Cheeto

Publication Date:

Number of pages: 88

ISBN-10: 1945056177

ISBN-13: 9781945056178

Wow, This Presidency Is Working Out Great Isn't It?

Sitting at home with nothing to do while the government is shut down?

#theresistance lives. We’ll never give up hope or cease demanding a return to decency.

In this book you’ll find 42 single sided, original works of art that are designed to reduce stress and help us cope.

Whether you’ve been protesting, arguing with idiots at work or online, or just ready to pull your hair out...here’s your new Zen.

(Just Click the Cover to See Tons of Sample Pages)

Get your hands on the much needed How to Survive the Presidency of the Angry Cheeto: #THERESISTANCE, The Anti Trump Adult Coloring Book today.

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